Learn 5 ways to wear a T-shirt, the trend for a summer!

T-shirts are the core components in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s definitely casual, but when paired with other pieces, it creates a variety of looks for different occasions. We will show how to wear five T-shirts in five ways to achieve a balance of comfort and comfort.

Men‘s T-shirt


The classic white T-shirt has a long history and makes people look good without any effort. From sweatshirts to heroes, wear standard uniforms. First match it with jeans in a lighter wash. It can be tricky when you throw a denim jacket into a mixture, but you get this. Anyway, we broke all the rules, so find similar jeans to wash and add low-key shoes or boots. Finally, the simplicity of the white T-shirt will continue throughout, so you can wear it anywhere.

Men‘s T-shirt


Just because you are in the gym doesn’t mean you don’t look the best. Functional exercise equipment has evolved to the extent of being worn after work and on weekends. As outdoor brands take their designs to the next level, you can find a T-shirt that evokes your personality, perfect for weightlifting rooms and juice bars. Pair it with neutral high-tech shorts or trousers (the better the performance) and stylish sneakers.

Men‘s T-shirt


Another classic striped T-shirt adds a basic touch of personalized quick hits. Use easy-to-match wearability as an opportunity to try new things. If your office dress code is very cold, you can put on your coat yourself. Keep your outer layer sturdy because you already have a pattern and finish your look with black jeans and minimal sneakers. This way you say you are laid back, but know how to change your style. It also says date nights – it looks like you have already met your Friday.

Men‘s T-shirt


The henley is one of those basics that feels more polished than a regular T-shirt. It’s the subtle differences here that count: the button placket, curved hem and occasional raglan sleeves take it into the next tier. The greatest thing about it is how comfortable it is. Any way you dress it will work since it is, after all, a T-shirt. Once you nail the fit—you’re going to want this to be closer to your body than your hang-around-the-house T-shirt—incorporate it into that perfect mix of casual-dressy. A chambray shirt walks that line perfectly and is a great lightweight layer, while suit pants class up your look. Finish it off with a pair of crisp white sneakers for a bit of street-style inspo.

Men‘s T-shirt

You’re into the outdoors, so why not tell everyone about it—silently? You don’t have to be dressed head-to-toe in earth-friendly pieces, but a Save the Duck puffer jacket just happens to also check off a few things you can get behind. It keeps you warm on your excursions, it’s packable and helps save the lives of ducks. That’s a winning trifecta right there. Add your favorite utility shorts and a pair of comfortable sneakers and get trekking.

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