Boys white T-shirt yellow how to wash

How to wash white t-shirt yellow

White T-shirts can be washed with bleach, soda, and lemonade. The white t-shirt is a must-have item, but it will be more troublesome to wash. The problem of yellowing the white T-shirt is almost everyone’s situation. The white T-shirt is yellow and you don’t want to wear it again. You want to remove it. The stains on the white T-shirt need to know some tips.

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The reason why white clothes are yellow

1.The white clothing fluorescer becomes weaker;

2.stained with perspiration, oil secreted by the human body and turned yellow;

3.If the clothes are improperly stored or stored for too long, the clothes will be yellowed;

4. improper cleaning or not cleaned, residual laundry detergent or soap will also make the clothes yellow.

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How to prevent white clothes from yellowing

1.Clean in time. In the summer, sweating is more, the clothes must be cleaned in time, and it is easy to leave yellow stains for a long time without washing.

2.Wash separately. White clothes should be washed separately to avoid the color of other clothes.

3. clean. Try not to leave soap, washing powder and other washing products on the clothes, which will have side effects on the skin.

4.Avoid exposure after washing. After cleaning, put it in a cool place and dry it slowly. Do not expose it to the sun.

5,.the clothes are sunburned. When drying clothes, turn the clothes back, the clothes are sunny, and the clothes are dark.

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White clothes cleaning tips

If the white clothes are fur, it is recommended to send them to dry cleaning. It is not suitable for washing in the home environment and will be broken. At the same time, some white clothes turn yellow too seriously. If it is not convenient to clean, it is recommended to send it directly to the dry cleaners, which will be more professional.

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